Building Your Company's First Impression


Do you handle permitting?
Yes! We can work hand in hand with your municipality and handle the permitting process from start to finish so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

How do I know what size sign I am allowed to have?
This is part of the permitting process. We can work on your behalf with your township to determine what the zoning ordinance allows for your property.

Do you make digital signs?
Yes! We are a distributor of Daktronics Electronic LED Digital Displays. If you'd like to add a message board to your existing sign, or replace your sign with a custom sign cabinet which includes a digital message board, we can fabricate the entire sign for you. Just call to schedule an appointment to get the ball rolling. Take a look at our portfolio and products pages for some examples.

Do you make banners?
Yes we do! Single-sided, double-sided, full color or single color - we have many options. From banners small enough to put on the bumper of a golf cart to large enough to cover an entire tractor trailer, we've got it covered!

Can you put my logo on my sign?
We sure can. Just email us the best artwork you have, and we will determine if we can use it as-is or if we need to recreate or edit the artwork. sales@horizonsigngroup.com

I'd like to have my truck lettered, but don't know if I can afford it. How do I get started?
Just stop by with your vehicle, or simply email us a photo and your logo. We can give you an estimate to letter the entire vehicle, or just the doors or sides depending on your budget. If you are just starting out, we can even make magnetic signs for the doors if you are not ready to invest in more just yet. Vehicle lettering is a very economical way to advertise - once you have your name on your vehicle and start driving around, people will see you everywhere and often think you've got several trucks out on the road even if there is only one!

Do you make signs for small contractors?
We do. We can make lawn signs, wooden site signs / construction signs, banners for your trade shows, and letter your truck or vehicle. We even do t-shirts and sweatshirts for your crew. And if you're working on a construction job where your customer will need a permanent sign, we can bid on that as well. From entrance signs for developments to large industrial and commercial building signage - we can handle everything.

I want a custom sign that wows. How big of a sign can you make and how fancy can you get?
You name it, we can do it. Custom finishes, custom components, and unique fabrication are all available right here. Our fabricators and installation crews are capable of producing the biggest and the best. Please call to discuss your needs and we will explain our process.

What are channel letters? Are there different kinds?
Channel letters are internally illuminated, individual letters that are installed on your building either directly or on a raceway. They are most commonly seen in strip malls or shopping malls. Landlords often require them so that there is consistency in their shopping centers. Internally illuminated is the most common, or you may request reverse lit or halo lit letters, which illuminates the letter from behind, making the edges of the letters glow. We can also make channel letters with exposed neon or other custom styles. Please see our Products Page for some examples.

My landlord has an old sign in front of our building, and the tenants would all like him to upgrade it. Would you talk to him?
Sure! We can meet with you and the landlord onsite to discuss options for new signage. Often a new tenant directory / pylon sign will help a shopping center or industrial park immensely, helping the shopping center stand out and get noticed. Remember, your sign is Your Company's First Impression! As part of a multi-tenant shopping center or industrial park, prompting your landlord to address their signage is an important step in advertising your business!
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